HOBO H21-USB USB Micro Station Data Logger

Brand: Onset Hobo
Model: H21-USB

Rugged and compact, the redesigned HOBO USB Micro Station is a weatherproof data logger for multi-channel monitoring of microclimates.

Product Information



This battery-powered station accepts up to five plug-and-play Smart Sensors and has a hinged door to make sensor installation simple and quick. The Micro Station is equipped with a built-in USB port for fast, efficient data readout to a computer, and an integrated mounting tabs for easy installation.


Highlighted Features
Compact size for easy deployment
Weatherproof IP66 enclosure for harsh environments
Direct USB offload–no need for an adapter cable
Includes five smart sensor inputs
Hinged door and integrated mounting tabs
Runs for up to a year on four standard AA batteries
Compatible with HOBOware and HOBOware Pro software for logger setup, graphing and analysis

In what environment does this data logger operate?
This data logger operates in indoor and outdoor environments.


What measurements does this data logger support?
The H21-USB data logger supports the following measurements: 4-20mA, Amp Hour (Ah), Barometric Pressure, DC Voltage, Kilowatt Hours (kWh), Leaf Wetness, Light Intensity, Power Factor (PF), Pulse Input, Rainfall, Relative Humidity, Soil Moisture, Temperature, Volt-Amp Reactive, Volt-Amp Reactive hour, Volt-Amps (VA), Water Flow, Watt Hours (Wh), Watts (W) and Wind