Fluke TiX1000, TiX660 and TiX640 Thermal Imager

Brand: Fluke
Model: TiX1000, TiX660 and TiX640

Introducing the new Fluke TiX1000, TiX660 and TiX640 infrared Camera. The first HD* Thermal Imager with Fluke Connect™ technology.

Product Information



• No details overlooked with premium image quality that takes the guessing out of your inspection and analysis.
• Up to 10 times the IR pixels than standard 320×240 cameras (1024×768 resolution or 786,432 pixels).
• Enhanced image quality and temperature measurement accuracy–get 4 times the resolution and pixels than standard mode with SuperResolution (up to 3,145,728 pixels – 3 Megapixel IR resolution).
• Work from greater distances. See a 15 mm target from 100 m away using the TiX1000 with the Super  Telephoto 4x lens.
• Analyze thermal behavior of micron level object size. Observe down to 40 μm spot using TiX1000 with Close-up 0.5x Macro lens.
• Get a premium in-field viewing experience for quick issue identification with the large 5.6 inch high resolution LCD screen.
• Save time getting the best shot with the most advanced focus options available for consistently in focus image: LaserSharp® Auto Focus, auto focus, manual and EverSharp multifocal recording features