Cordex TC7150 NRTL Listed Infrared Camera

Brand: CorDex
Model: TC7150

High performance 320×240 radiometric infrared camera NRTL Listed for Class I and II, Division 2, and Class III Hazardous (Classified) Locations. TC7150 incorporates RFID scanning and image tagging for automatic database collation and reporting.

Product Information



TC7150 NRTL Listed Infrared Camera – Cordex

NRTL Certified, high performance intrinsically safe infrared camera with on-board 13.5Mhz RFID scanner, SMART IR Window compatibility, articulating lens and ultra long life interchangeable battery pack.

A recent study by a major U.S. chemical company found that every hot work permit cost approximately $400 to issue adding potentially thousands of dollars per day to operations. The solution, don’t “short circuit” the system by using inferior and potentially unsafe devices in explosive atmospheres. By Selecting instruments designed, tested and certified for the type of environment you operate in, the cost of operating can be reduced dramatically and the safety of personnel increased in parallel.

TC7150 is the worlds only, fully radiometric infrared camera with RFID capability which is NRTL certified for use in potentially hazardous locations. No need to costly and time consuming permits, simply pickup your intrinsically safe thermal imager and go to work. TC7150 can operate as effectively in a safe areas as a hazardous location, effectively giving you a “go anywhere” thermal imager* maximizing your return on investment. With its patented technology, TC7150 provides crystal clear, highly accurate, thermal images across a target temperature range of -4F to 1112F.

Concerned about NFPA70E? Got IR Windows? No problem, TC7150 operates with all IR Windows on the market today suitable for use with longwave infrared cameras. By combining TC7150 with the CorDEX IW Series of SMART IR Windows and CorDEX CONNECT database package (free with every infrared camera) you get the additional benefits of dynamic IR Window error correction, images assigned to individual IR Windows along with automatic storage and collation of images into CorDEX CONNECT for accurate trending and analysis of your equipment.

TC7150 combines the best of a high-end safe area infrared camera with the certification and rugged requirements of hazardous area equipment. Additional features such as on-board RFID scanner, voice or text comments, articulating lens and ultra long life lithium battery make TC7150 the best choice for hazardous area thermography.