Hand Tools
Thermal Imager/Infrared Camera
Equipment for Rent
Data Loggers
Indoor Datalogger
Medical/ healthcare logger
Electrical loggers
Temperature/ Humidity Loggers
Environmental Logger
Carbon Dioxide
Light intensity (Lux)
Airflow Loggers
Pressure Loggers
Outdoor Datalogger
Electrical Logger
Light Intensity Logger
Pressure Logger
Rainfall Logger
Water Temperature
Temperature Logger
Underwater Datalogger
Pressure logger
Temperature Logger
Water Content Logger
Water Level Logging
Water Temperature
Other loggers
Airbone Ultra Sound
Ultrasonic Leak Detection
Ultrasonic Tightness Testing
Corona Detector
Clamp-on Current Meters
Customised Simulation Training Kit
Power Loggers & Analyzers
Insulation Testers
Insulation Testers 2.5KV & Below
Insulation Testers 5KV & Above
Electrical Test Instruments
Dynamic electric motor analysers
Electric motor QC systems
Static Electric Motor Analyser
Cable Locator/Detector
Cable locator (wall)
Telecom Cable Locator
Underground Cable Detector
Portable Appliance Testers
Voltage Detector
Cable Test Equipment
Cable Test/ Diagnostic
Time Domain Reflectometer- TDR
Cable Test Van
Circuit Breaker Test Equipment
Primary Current Injection Test Set
Relay Test Equipment
Transformer testing equipment
Loop & RCD Testers
Low Resistance Ohmmeters
Motor Rotation/Phasing Meters
Battery Test Equipment
Earth/Ground Resistance Testers
Electronic Test Instruments
Capacitance Decade Box
Resistance Decade Box
Capacitance Inductance and Resistance testers
Spectrum Analyzer
DC Power Supplies
Function/Signal Generator
Oscilloscope - Bench
Oscilloscope - Portable
Environmental Testers
Lux/Light Meter
Adhension Testing
Coating/Thickness gauge
Magnetic Field Tester
Water Tester
Air Particle Counter
Airflow Measurement
Moisture Meter
Sound level meter
Fluke Connect
Flaw detector
Laser Levels
Gas detector
Oxygen Gas Detector
other gas
Combustible Gas detector
Combustible Gas leak Detector
Flue Gas Detector
Refrigerant Leak Detector
Toxic Gas Detectors
Hardness Testing
Intrinsically Safe / Ex-Proof Testers
IS Headset
IS Coating Thickness Gauge
IS Communication
IS Lighting
IS Thermal Imager
IS Camera
IS Calibrator
IS multimeter
IS Thermometer
Digital Multimeter - Bench
Digital Multimeter- Portable
Network testing
Copper Testing
Fiber testing
Other Accessories
Other Test Instruments
Digital Force Gauge
Holiday Detector
Mechanical Tension Meter
Torque Testers
Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Gauge
Distance Meters
Handheld Tachometer
Light Meter
Timers/ Stopwatch
Vibration & Alignment meters
Partial Discharge (PD)
Precision Calibration
Deadweight Tester
Dry Well
Metrology Well
Precision Pressure Gauge
Reference Thermometer
Pressure Measurement
Differential Pressure
Pressure Calibrators
Process Instruments
Field/Hart Communicator
Loop/mA/Volt Process Calibrators
Multifunction Calibrators
Thermocouple/ RTD Calibrators
Portable Industrial Thermometers
Temperature & Humidity Meters
Handheld Contact Thermometer
Infrared Thermometers
Embedded Industrial Thermometers
panel mount
Pyrometer Compact Series
IR Thermometer Hi Performance Series
IR Thermometer Hi Performance Video pyrometers
IR Camera Compact Series


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