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FlukeNetworks Fiber Promotion

Fiber Promotion

Save up to 50% on Selected Fiber Products Promotion valid 3 February through 25 September 2020 

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Our fiber optic testers make everyone an expert. That’s because we’ve set new standards for ease-of-use, with eight patents granted, and six pending. These include our EventMap™ that allows anyone to quickly spot a fiber failure without looking at a trace, a reference-setting wizard that eliminates “negative loss” errors or the ability to move seamlessly from a view of a complete MPO endface to an individual fiber. Our Versiv™ platform brings copper and fiber testing together in one easy user interface and the same LinkWare™ reporting software. And while they aren’t patented, our Technical Assistance Team is there to back you up with over 150 years of experience and a 97% customer satisfaction rating. Best of all, you can get all of this at prices within reach of everyone.

Check out the eligible models and offers below:

FiberInspector™ Pro

OptiFiber™ Pro OTDR

CertiFiber™ Pro OLTS

Versiv™ Copper and Fiber Kits

Discounts available on these models through June 12, 2020:

• OFP2-100-Q – OptiFiber Pro Quad (MM+SM) OTDR

• OFP2-200-S1490 – OptiFiber Pro SM (1490 nm) OTDR

• OFP2-200-S1625 – OptiFiber Pro SM (1310, 1550, 1625 nm) OTDR

• OFP-Q-ADD – OptiFiber Pro Quad (MM+SM) Add-On Kit

• FI2-7000 – FiberInspector Pro Single with Versiv Mainframe

• FI2-7300 – FiberInspector Pro Single / MPO with Versiv Mainframe

• FI-3000 – FiberInspector Pro Single/MPO Inspection Camera for Versiv, iOS or Android

• CFP2-100-Q – CertiFiber Pro Quad MM+SM OLTS • CFP-Q-ADD – CertiFiber Pro Quad MM+SM Module Set

• CFP2-Q-ADD-R – CertiFiber Pro Quad MM+SM Module Set and Remote

• DSX2-8000-Qi – Cat 8 Copper Certification, Fibre inspection & OLTS MM/SM

• DSX2-8000-QOI – Same as above + Quad MM+SM OTDR

• DSX2-8000-PRO – Same as above plus a complete kit of accessories

• DSX2-5000-Qi – Cat 6A Copper Certification, Fibre inspection & OLTS MM/SM

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Fiber Promotion
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