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Megger SMART THUMP ST25-30 Portable/Vehicle Mount Cable Fault Location System

Megger SMART THUMP ST25-30

The SMART THUMP ST25-30 Portable/Vehicle-mounted Cable Fault Locating System provides safe, efficient and extremely easy-to-use solutions for quickly identifying, prelocating and pinpointing various types of cable faults for power cables. The ST25-30 is developed to meet the requirements for typical medium-voltage distribution cable fault location markets from 11 to 35 kV system voltage.

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Circuit parameters include:

  • System voltage up to 35 kV (phase to phase)
  • Insulation EPR, XLPE, PILC and mixed
  • Typical conductor sizes between #2 and 1000 MCM (34 mm2 to 500 mm2)
  • Circuit lengths from a few hundred feet up to a max of 170,00 ft (52 km) for the Multi-shot version and up to 25,000 ft / 100,00 ft (7.5 km /30 km) fo the single shot version

Typical end users include: operations department of power utility companies, electrical departments within municipalities, private network operators, high voltage electrical contractors, service companies, port authorities, mining, airports, military bases, petrochemical and paper companies. The ST25-30 unit incorporates the “E-Tray” technology, a concept that has been already proven in other products (EZ-Thump, EZ-Restore Overdrive, and TDR T3090) and which has been carried forward into new Megger products. It allows that all E-Tray units, including the ST25-30, are operated in the exact same way, which reduces training time very substantially. The E-Tray adds the unique capability to access and operate every function through an innovative and intuitive user interface, without the need to make adjustments; the software is suggesting the next logical step to the user.


The SMART THUMP ST25-30 represents a new generation of advanced underground cable fault locating systems that require less training than a traditional thumper-only system, while providing the big advantage of displaying the distance to fault. It is the only fault locator with built-in intelligence to interpret the results of the initial test sequence. The “turn & click” rotary button operation lets the user automatically proof test, pre-locate, and pinpoint the fault from one convenient control console. No adjustments are typically required. If the user selects, the unit automatically sets the thump voltage to minimize the stress applied to the cable. The ST25-30 features an automatic safety check to protect the user from incorrect or faulty connections (F-Ohm). The heavy-duty wheels of the unit are ideal for use in rough terrain. The IP53 rating allows operation in wet environments. The ST25-30 can also be permanently installed in a vehicle (truck mount version).

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Megger SMART THUMP ST25-30
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