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MSR175 Shock Transportation Data Logger (175B16T2AA5)

MSR175: 175B16T2AA5

Whether it be to verify questions of liability, detect damage early or to optimise packaging: The MSR175 data logger accurately records critical transport events and provides clarity with objective measured data. 

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During transport, cargo is subjected to a multitude of external impacts that may cause it to sustain damage. In particular shock events and jolts, but also fluctuations in temperature, pressure or humidity can have a negative impact on cargo. In retrospect, proof of causation and damage is usually extremely difficult because the necessary facts are missing.The dilemma can be solved with the help of MSR175 data loggers, which accompany a cargo during transport and record a damage event with all its boundary conditions, accurate to the second, for later documentation.

Key features

  • High-speed shock logger with 2 internal acceleration sensors (±15 g and ±200 g)
  • Measurement frequency of up to 6,400 measurements/s; can record up to 1,000 shocks
  • 1 internal temperature sensor included; depending on the variant, 1 additional internal humidity, pressure and light sensor each; measurement frequency/storage rate every 10 min.
  • Installed memory is capable of storing over 2 million measured values
  • 3 measurement/storage intervals can be selected; setting of limit values
  • Rechargeable 230 mAh lithium-polymer battery
  • Recording time of up to eight weeks
  • Coloured LED for status indication
  • MSR175 software package with Dashboard software for easy start-up of the data logger, MSR ReportGenerator for automatic report generation and MSR ShockViewer for detailed analysis of shock events

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Technical data of the sensors

Internal sensorWorking rangeAccuracy (max. deviation)Measurement / Storage rate
3-axis acceleration ±15 g and ±200 g (-20...+65 °C)

±15 g sensor

±0.15 g (0...5 g,+25 °C)

±0.3 g (5...15 g,+25 °C)


±200 g sensor

±2 g (0...15 g,+25 °C)

±5 g (15...100 g,+25 °C)

±10 g (100...200 g, +25 °C)

1600/s (±15 %)




3200/s (±15 %)

6400/s (±15 %)

Temperature -20…+65 °C ±0.5 °C (-10…+65 °C) every 10 min.
Relative humidity 0...100 % rel. humidity
(-20…+65 °C)
±2 % rel. humidity
(10…85%, 0…+40 °C)
±4 % rel. humidity
(85…95%, 0…+40 °C)
every 10 min.
Air pressure, absolute 0…2000 mbar absolute
(-20…+65 °C)
±2.5 mbar
(750…1100 mbar
absolute, +25 °C
every 10 min.
Light 0…65,000 lx max. sensitivity at 500 nm every 10 min.


General technical data of the MSR175 Data Logger

Memory capacity:

Over 2,000,000 measurement values.

Medium: Air
Colour: Amber
Key: Start measurement/retrieve status.
Power supply:

LiPo battery 230 mAh, charged via the USB connection, recording period up to 8 weeks or replaceable Li-SOCI2 battery (3.6 V, 7700 mAh), battery operating time 2 years at least.

Options: Charging station (USB hub) for 7 MSR175 (item number B47002).
Interface: USB
Software package: MSR175 Dashboard software, MSR ReportGenerator, free MSR ShockViewer basic version. A fee-based MSR ShockViewer Pro Version will be available at a later stage. System requirements: Windows 7 or higher, USB port.
Operating conditions:
Temperature: -20…+65 °C
Storage conditions:
+5…+45 °C (ideal storage condition for the battery)
10…95 % relative humidity, non-condensing
Standards: The MSR175 complies with EU-Directives RoHS/WEEE.
Product Details
MSR175: 175B16T2AA5
MSR175 Datasheet
Shock Transportation Data Logger
Download (2.04M)
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