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Megger MET1000 All in One True RMS Electrical Tester

Megger MET1000

The Megger MET1000 is a multifunctional voltage and current tester providing electricians and electrical engineers with a versatile and robust hand-held all in one meter, with detachable test leads. Featuring both LED and LCD displays, it gives the user a 200 A AC & 1000 V AC/DC tester designed for everyday use. CATIV 600 V/CATIII 1000 V rated, with an IP65 housing for added protection, it reduces the number of testers required in the professional’s tool bag.

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In addition to the versatile auto-ranging voltage and continuity tests the Megger MET1000 has a built-in current clamp for AC current measurement to 200 A.

With TRMS AC measurements, a phase rotation test and both inrush current and single pole voltage test built in, the MET1000 is a truly versatile electrical tester, ideal for use in commercial, industrial and domestic environments. GS38 shrouds are provided as standard to ensure compliance with the latest standards. A bright LED torch aids safe working in poorly lit conditions and with the added benefit of an IP65 casing - incorporating a protective finger guard - ergonomic design, instrument carrying holster and a simple to use probe mounting on the rear of tester all help to keep the user safe and the instrument protected. Incorporating a comprehensive self-test feature, acoustic continuity and voltage indication, a maximum current draw of >3.5m A to avoid unwanted tripping of RCD’s/RCBO’s and the ability to warn the operator of dangerous voltages, even when the batteries are exhausted, ensure the Megger MET1000 meets the practical demands of today’s busy test technicians.

Key features 

  • LED & LCD Display with self-test
  • Detachable Test Probes
  • AC/DC Voltage to 1000V
  • 200A AC measurement
  • True RMS on ACV/ACA
  • Inrush Current
  • Phase Rotation
  • Single pole test
  • Data Hold
  • Measures voltage without batteries
  • Complies with IEC/EN 61243-3:2014
  • IP65

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Megger MET1000
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