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Bacharach MGS-450 Refrigerant Gas Detector

Bacharach MGS-450

The Bacharach MGS-450 Series is a feature-rich refrigerant, toxic and combustible gas detector with a remote sensor (up to 16ft or 5m). The MGS-450 Series can be connected to a building management system using Modbus, MGS-408 Series gas detection controllers, or as a standalone gas detector for low-temperature, IP66 applications. In addition, the MGS-450 Series includes 3-output relays (fault, low alarm, high alarm) and an analog output for local alarming, auxiliary ventilation, or refrigerant flow restriction. The MGS-450 Series is ideal for all AHSRAE 15 or EN378 safety compliance applications, including cold storage, freezers, coolers, or mechanical room applications.

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The MGS-450 refrigerant gas detector is designed for use in refrigeration applications and may be used as a standalone device, connected to the MGS-408 controller, or connected to a facility’s BMS / BAS. It enables compliance with refrigerant safety codes (ASHRAE 15 and EN378) and features audible and visual alarms to alert personnel in the event of a refrigerant leak. 

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Bacharach MGS-450
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