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Acision ITS-1000 Intelligent Temperature Screening System

Acision ITS-1000

The infrared intelligent temperature sensing system is designed with the resolution of 256×192 uncooled vanadium oxide infrared imaging module. The system software has such functions as facial forehead recognition , accurate measurement of body temperature and real-time warning of over temperature. 

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At the same time, the infrared imaging components selected by the system have the characteristics of high temperature measurement accuracy, small size and low power consumption, which can meet the low power consumption, small size and low cost of human body temperature measurement application scenarios.

Key features 

  • Non-contact temperature sensing: the temperature detection can be completed through the area in the field of view of the thermograph.
  • AI intelligent detects and gives warning: Automatically recognise if there is any temperature abnormality; automatically alarm when temperature exceed the limit setting
  • High traffic efficiency: rapid temperature screening for large population, up to 200 person-times/min
  • Easy to deploy
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Acision ITS-1000
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