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Megger's High Performance Guard Terminals

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We will learn how contamination on an assets surface, will negatively affect these test values. Megger shows how it’s unique Guard Terminal solves this issue and at the same time ensures a sustainable, valid test voltage and CAT Safety rating.

The high performance of this Guard Terminal feature, included on our range of DC Insulation Resistance Testers, improves the reliability of our electrical networks, saves us precious investment capital and reduces the burden on other key resources.

List of all Megger Products that features the Guard Terminal:
■ MIT515
■ MIT525
■ MIT1025
■ MIT1525
■ S1-568
■ S1-1068
■ S1-1568
■ BM5200 (Non EEC)
■ BM5500 (Non EEC)
■ BM5200-CN (New - dedicated to China only)

■ MIT2500
■ MTR105
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