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Maximize Your Industrial Ethernet Uptime - By Fluke Networks

Posted on1 Year ago by
We are entering into a new era of Industrial Automation, commonly referred to as Industry 4.0.

One of the key enabling technologies of Industry 4.0 is Industrial Ethernet. When looking at new nodes being deployed, more Industrial Ethernet nodes are being deployed than the older fieldbus protocol nodes.

This webinar will look at the growth of Industrial Ethernet against fieldbus protocols and the benefits that Industrial Ethernet offers over the older fieldbus technologies. Correct cabling is critical when it comes to Industrial Ethernet; studies have shown that over 50% of Industrial Ethernet issues can be attributed to cabling issues. Getting your cabling correct will help maximize your Industrial Ethernet uptime.

The webinar will then go on to look at the cabling standards for Industrial Ethernet, when you should be asking for testing of copper cabling plant and solutions offered by Fluke Networks to help you correctly test copper cabling used for Industrial Ethernet. The webinar will conclude with a guide to the resources available from Fluke Networks to help you with your Industrial Ethernet cable testing.
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