Engineer’s Week Workshop- July 2018

Date & Topic

23rd July  2018, Monday

(Reg close, Fully booked)

The Power Quality Discussion Forum is Back 

24th July 2018, Tuesday

(Reg close, Fully booked)

Ease of Detecting Fault with Thermal Camera
25th July 2018, Wednesday Introduce Advanced analytics and artificial intelligence in Motor and Drive system

26th July 2018, Thursday

(Reg close, Fully booked)

Maximise uptime and minimise downtime with fast troubleshooting solution

27th July 2018, Friday

(Reg close, Fully booked)

The Power Quality Discussion Forum is Back Session 2


Workshop For Engineers & Maintenance Professionals!


Terms & Conditions:
*Registration will close two weeks before event date.
*Due to limited seats, priority will be given to relevant job titles and you are only allowed to attend ONE session.
*Limited to ONE attendee per company.
*You will be contacted to notify on successful/ unsuccessful registration one week before the workshop.
*FREE Calibration entitled for One Fluke Handheld Multimeter per customer. Restricted to only Fluke Handheld Multimeter only. Other Brands are not allowed. 
*Tracable calibration cert will be issued ( NON-SINGLAS)

*Turn around time for calibration is 5 to 7 working days, customer is required to SELF-COLLECTION after calibration is done.
*Multimeter must be in working condition.
*CETM Calibration Laboratory reserves the right to reject any calibration if meter is faulty or not within specs.



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Registration Form

Please select your preferred Date: 23rd July, Mon , 24th July Tues , 26th July, Thurs & 27th July, Fri is full

25th July 2018, Wednesday

Time: 9.00am to 1.00pm, registration starts at 8.45am.
Venue: CETM Office- 25 Kallang Ave #07-01, Singapore 339416

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