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Estore Product

  • Electrical & Electronic

    CE-Test &amp; Measurement (S) Pte Ltd (CETM) carries a wide range of test equipment suitable for Electrical and Electronics industries. <br />Electronic Test Equipment like: Capacitance decade box, Resistance Decade Box, LCR meter, DC Power Supplies, Portable Multimeters, Bench Multimeters, Bench Oscilloscopes, Handheld Oscilloscppes, AC Clampmeters, AC/DC Clampmeters. <br />Electrical Test Equipment like: Power Quality Analyzer, Power Logger, Loop &amp; RCD Tester, Voltage Tester, Insulation Tester, Socket testers, Portable Applicance Testers, EMF Tester, Motor and Phase Rotating Meter
  • High Voltage, Utilties & Cabling

    <p>CE-Test &amp; Measurement (S) Pte Ltd (CETM) carries a wide range of High Voltage, Utilities &amp; Cabling test equipment suitable for Switchgear and transformer manufacturer/ installer, Heavy equipment manufacturer, Utilities &amp; Construction industries. <br /> Equipment used for Cabling test to be done before excavation works: Underground Cable Detectors, underground pipe locators, Cable test Van, Surge tester, Time Domain Reflector (TDR tester)<br />Circuit breaker testers: Contact resistance tester, insulation Oil, Primary Current Injection Test Set, insulation tester<br />Transformer Testers: Transformer Turn Ratio Test, Insulation Oil Test, Transformer Analyser, <br />Other High Voltage test: Hi Pot Tester, DC Diagnostic test, VLF Tester, Partial Discharge Tester, Corona Tester, Earth Ground tester, Low Ohm Test, Battery tester</p>
  • Process Industries

    <span>CE-Test &amp; Measurement (S) Pte Ltd (CETM) carries a wide range of test equipment suitable for Marine, Rigs, Offshore, Oil &amp; Gas industries.  <br />Product includes: Process Calibrators, Pressure gauge, Dry well, bath, hart communicator  and Explosion proof meters. <br />Process Calibrator include: Volt, ma, pressure, thermocouple &amp; RTD Calibrators <br />Explosion proof meters include: Mobile phone, camera, lights</span>
  • Thermography & Temperature

  • Network, Telecoms & CCTV

  • Mechanical

  • Environment & Gas

  • Data Logging

    <span>Data loggers are electronic devices which automatically monitor and record environmental parameters over time, allowing conditions to be measured, documented, analysed and validated. <br /><br />With the current technology datalogger allows you to connect remotely especially with the current COVID-19 situation. It enables you to view your data conveniently from your Computer or mobile devices. <br /><br />CE-Test &amp; Measurement carries a wide range of Dataloggers. Monitor temperature, humidity, weather, pressure, or even vibration and its suitable for all types of industries. industries such as, logistics, cold chain, hospital, and more. </span>
  • Rental & Clearance

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